INFRA-01/F: The IMS Infrasound Network (Paola Campus)

INFRA-02/F: Infrasound data processing for CTBT verification – station processing (N. Brachet, D. Brown, P. Mialle, R. Lebras)

INFRA-03/F:  Infrasound data processing for CTBT verification – sources (N. Brachet, D. Brown, P. Mialle, R. Le Bras)

INFRA-04/F:  A Robust technique for the automatic detection and location of infrasound events (Stephen J. Arrowsmith and Rodney W. Whitaker)

INFRA-05/F:  Towards an automatic and continuous monitoring of the infrasound activity across Europe (Lars Ceranna, Alexis Le Pichon & Julien Vergoz)

INFRA-06/F:  An Operational Approach for Infrasound Multi-Array Processing: Application to the Gerdec Albanian Explosion.h (Julien Vergoz, etal)

INFRA-07/F:  Studies of infrasound event location involving atmospheric events accurately located using dense seismic network data (Michael Hedlin, etal

INFRA-08/F:  Characteristics of Seasonally Dependent Propagation of Infrasound Wave around the Korean Peninsula (Hee il Lee, Il Young Che, Tae sung Kim, Jin Soo Shin)

INFRA-09/F:  Infrasound Calibration Experiment at Sayarim, Israel (Yefim Gitterman, etal)

INFRA-10/F:  Full-Wave Modeling of Infrasound from Explosions Using the Parabolic Equation Method and Realistic Atmospheric Specifications (Robert G. Gibson)

INFRA-11/F:  Effects of atmospheric fine-structure on characteristics of infrasonic signals and that’s azimuths and grazing angles estimation at the long distances from explosions (Sergey Kulichkov, Elena Golikova, etal)

INFRA-12/F:  Assessing the detection capability of the global IMS infrasound network (A. Le Pichon, J. Vergoz, E. Blanc, L. Ceranna and L. Evers)

INFRA-13/F: Estimating the detection capability of the International Monitoring System infrasound network (David Green and David Bowers)

INFRA-14/G:  Infrasound Detection of Rocket Launches (Bharath Gopalaswamy & Alexandr Smirnov)

INFRA-15/G:  Infrasound Signals from the Test of North Korea’s Long-Range Missile (Tae Sung Kim, Jin-Soo Shin, Il Young Che and Hee-Il Lee)

INFRA-16/G:  Llaima and Villarrica Volcanoes in Southern Chile: An Infrasound Factory (S. Barrientos, etal)

INFRA-17/G: Infrasonic Detection of Bolides (W.N. Edwards, D.O. ReVelle and P. Brown)

INFRA-18/G:  Meteorite detected by Infrasound (IS08) and Seismic (PS06 and Bolivian Network) Stations. (E. Minaya, etal)

INFRA-19/G:  Seismic and acoustic wave excitations in a single system of the solid Earth and the atmosphere: In the case of the 2008 Iwate-Miyagi Nairiku Earthquake (Hiromichi Nagao, etal)

INFRA-20/G:  Analysis of regional infrasound signals at IS34 and characterisation of local and regional seismic wave propagation:  PS25 array (Ts.Baasanbat, etal)

INFRA-21/G:  Infrasound monitoring in Kazakhstan: source localization and characterization (Alexander Smirnov, etal)

INFRA-23/G:  Observation and events identification from I33S station (RAMBOLAMANANA Gérard, etal)

INFRA-25/G:  Inversion of infrasound signals for passive atmospheric remote sensing (Douglas P. Drob, etal)

INFRA-26/G:  Gravity waves observed by an experimental Infrasound Network (Julien Marty, etal)

INFRA-27/G:  Study of the dynamics of the atmosphere with the Infrasound Network (E. Blanc, A. Le Pichon, L. Ceranna, T. Farges)

INFRA-28/G:  The Acoustic Fingerprint of Volcanic Ash Emission:  Results from the International ASHE Project (David Fee, etal)

INFRA-29/G:  On the monitoring of hurricanes using the international infrasound network. (Roger Waxler, etal)