On-Site Inspection/Posters

On-Site Inspection/Posters

OSI-01/B:  Geophysical Techniques for On-Site Inspections – Experience & Overview (Rainier Arndt, Luis R. Gaya-Pique)

OSI-02/B:  OSI: A Challenging Inspection – Logistics for the IFE (John Anderson, Luis R. Gaya-Pique)

OSI-03:/B  The use of aeromagnetic surveys in the framework of CTBTO On-Site inspections – Experience from IFE08 (Luis R. Gaya-Piqué, Ashley Grant, Matthew Purss, George Tuckwell)

OSI-04/B:  IFE08: Integration of On-Site Inspection Elements (Elizabeta Jevtic, Hermann Lampalzer)

OSI-05/B:  Seismic aftershock monitoring during an OSI - experience  and results from Field Exercise in Kazakhstan (Labak, P., Villagran, M., Haege, M.)

OSI-06/B:  OSI: Measurement of levels of radioactivity (Matjaz PRAH, Junichi TANAKA)

OSI-07/B:   Evaluation of On-Site Inspection Activities for Planning and Implementation (Ward L. Hawkins, etal)

OSI-08/B:   Enhancing realism of OSI field exercises: some ideas (Jerry J. Sweeney, Charles R. Carrigan, etal)

OSI-09/B:  A systems approach to establishing an effective CTBT On-Site Inspection (OSI) regime (Jay Zucca, etal)

OSI-10/B:  Application of a Bayesian Approach to Search-Area Reduction During a CTBT On-Site Inspection (Charles R. Carrigan and Gardar Johannesson)

OSI-11/B:  The availability and limitation of techniques for on-site inspection (Xiaoyuan Han, Mingyan Jia, Bing Gong, Mei Tian, Hui Xu)

OSI-13/B:  Using differential SAR-Interferometry for locating ground zero (Britta Riechmann, Martin B. Kalinowski1, Jörg Schlittenhardt)

OSI-14/B:  On-Site Inspection: A role for satellite imagery (Malcolm Coxhead)

OSI-15/B:  InSAR signatures surface expression of natural disasters and human activities (Salvatore Stramondo)

OSI-16.1/B:  Geomagnetic Observations in Indonesia Carried Out By BMG (Meteorology and Geophysical Agency) (M.Husni, Dipl. Seis and Mahmud Yusuf)

OSI-16.2/B:  Repeat Station Survey - Meteorology  and Geophysical Agency

OSI-17/B: Estimation of Ground-Level Radioisotope Distributions for Underground Nuclear Test leakage (James H. Ely, James E. Fast, Carolyn E. Seifert, Glen A. Warren)

OSI-18/B:  Investigations into Radionuclide Signatures at Underground Nuclear Test Sites (Judah I. Friese, Rosara F. Payne, Richard J. Arthur and Harry Miley)

OSI-19/B: New radionuclide measurement systems improving search and detection capabilities for OSI deployment (Köble, T. etal)

OSI-20/B:   Investigations into Radiological Over-flight Searches for On-Site Inspections (Carolyn E. Seifert, James H. Ely, James E. Fast, Glen A. Warren)

OSI-21/B:   Detection of Anomalous Gamma-Ray Spectra for On Site Inspection(Carolyn E. Seifert, Mitchell J. Myjak, and David M. Pfund)

OSI-23/B: Aftershock characteristics of Explosions Relative to Earthquake Sequences (Ford et al.)

OSI-24/B:   Argon-37 Background Measurements supporting On-Site Inspection(Craig E. Aalseth, etal)

OSI-25/B:   The barometric driven xenon-tracer transport of the Non-Proliferation Experiment simulated by finite volume – finite element higher-order accurate modeling (Robert Annewandter, etal)

OSI-26/B:  Detection of Trace Noble Gas Emissions From Underground Nuclear Explosions (Charles R. Carrigan, Jerry J. Sweeney and John J. Zucca)

OSI-27/B:   Concept of Operations for NobleGgas On-Site Inspections (Justin I. McIntyre, etal)

OSI-30/B: Dig-into-Dust: Resolving ML –2.0 Microearthquakes in OSI Passive Seismics, Landslide Creep, and Sinkhole Collapse by Nanoseismic Monitoring (M. Joswig)

OSI-31/B:  Seismic field exercise at ACIFE08 in Hungary (Endre Zoltán Hegedus, Attila Csaba Kovács)

OSI-32/B:  Event Location through the analysis of seismic waves recorded by mini-arrays in the scenario of an On-Site Inspection (Alessandra Giuntini, etal)

OSI-33/B:   Passive Seismic Monitoring of Aftershocks during an On-Site Inspection (Albert T. Smith, Alexander Spivak, Zhenfu Li)

OSI-34/B: Integrated Geophysical Investigations under the On-Site Inspection Regime: Detection of Cavities in a Karst Area (Matthew B.J. Purss, etal)

OSI-35/B:  Software implementations for quality control on seismic surveys: application to short scale networks. (Josep Vila)

OSI-36/B:  Planning an On-site inspection from a potential fields anomaly perspective (Pignatelli A., etal)

OSI-38/B:   The Limitations of the Gravity Technique when Investigating a possible Ground Zero (Christoffel  J. S. Fourie, Ruth Murdie, Luis Gaya-Pique)

OSI-39/B:   Short-range and Long-range Signals of Local Geomagnetic Field Variations (Karimov F.H.)

OSI-40/B:  Regional geopotential field effects of underground nuclear explosions (Ralph R.R.B. von Frese, etal)