RN-01/E:  Civil Sources of Atmoshpheric Radioxenon: Estimating Emission Strengths (Martin Kalinowski, Matthias Tuma and Simon Hebel)

RN-02/E:  Measurements of the atmospheric radioxenon background at four locations in Asia and Africa (Anders Ringbom, etal)

RN-03/E:  Field Measurements around a major European radioxenon release source - a medical isotope production facility (Anders Ringbom, etal)

RN-04/E:  Evaluation of environmental radioxenon signals from a singular large source emitter in Africa (Paul R. J. Saey, etal)

RN-05/D:  Radon222 Measurements at Cape Point, South Africa (Casper Labuschagne, E.G. Brunkel and B.A. Parker)

RN-06/D:  Spurious Iodine-131 detections at remote IMS radionuclide stations (K Murray Matthews)

RN-07/D: The influence on the radioxenon background during the temporary suspension of operations of three major radiopharmaceutical production facilities in the Northern Hemisphere and during the start-up of a radiopharmaceutical production facility in the Southern Hemisphere (Paul R.J. Saey, etal)

RN-08.1/D:  Krypton isotopic signature study of the primary coolant of CANDU nuclear power plant (K. Ungar, W. Zhang, I. Hoffman and R. Lawrie)

RN-08.2D: Noble gas inventories in the primary coolant of nuclear power plant to enhance Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) verification (K. Ungar, W. Zhang, I. Hoffman and R. Lawrie)

RN-09/D:  Ultra-Low Background Measurements of Decayed Aerosol Filters (Craig E. Aalseth1, etal)

RN-10/D:  Integration of technologies to aid in search applications for OSI (Arden D. Dougan1 William H. Dunlop, Brian Adlawan)

RN-11/D:  Development of improved equipment for measurements of xenon radionuclides in atmospheric air (Yuri  V. Dubasov, Sergey  A. Pakhomov)

RN-12/D:  Evaluation of cooling technologies for HPGe detectors (Joel Forrester, Mike Yocum, George Rybicki, Robert Werzi, Ethan Hull)

RN-13/D:  A method for lessening filter clogging on atmospheric aerosol samplers at IMS (Liu Longbo, Tang Hanbin, Liu Shujiang, Wu Yanmin, Wang Xuhui)

RN-14/D:  133mXe standard for detection of nuclear weapons tests (K. Peräjärvi, etal)

RN-15/D:  A novel measuring system for detecting and characterizing radioactive particles (Jani Turunen, Kari Peräjärvi, Roy Pöllänen, Harri Toivonen)

RN-16/D:  A study on the global detection capability of IMS for all CTBT relevant xenon isotopes (Réal D’Amours and Anders Ringbom)

RN-17/D:  Global capabilities to detect locate and characterize radionucleide radio-xenon sources and radionuleide particulates advancements in worldwide aerosol particulates monitoring (Ricardo Muñoz)

RN-19/D: Characterization of the global distribution of atmospheric radioxenons(Anders Ringbom, etal)

RN-20/D:  The operational status of the IMS Radionuclide Particulate Network
(Robert Werzi) 

RN-21/D:  Supporting the CTBT Radionuclide Monitoring System at the Canadian Meteorological Centre (Nils Ek, Réal D’Amours, etal)



RN-24/D: Discrimination of nuclear explosions against civilian sources based on atmospheric xenon isotopic activity ratios (Martin Kalinowski, Jana Peters, etal)

RN-25/D:  Measurement of isotopic ratio Xe133m/Xe133 at very low level counting using Bayesian statistical approach (Gilbert Le Petit, Alain Vivier, X.Blanchard)

RN-26/D:  Measurements of radioxenon in ground level air in South Korea following the claimed nuclear test in North Korea on October 9, 2006 (Anders Ringbom, etal)

RN-27/D:  Natural lithospheric radioxenon background in soil gas samples (Simon Hebel and Martin Kalinowski)

RN-28/D:  Detection and activity leveles of natural Ar-37 in soil air (Riedmann, R., Purtschert) - photo of poster

RN-29/D:  Proficiency Test Program for CTBT Radionuclide Laboratories (E. B. Duran X. Shen, E. McWilliams, L. Cella and R. Werzi)

RN-30/D: The radionuclide processing system of the CTBTO (Mika Nikkinen, Matthias Zaehringer and Robert Werzi)

RN-31/D: IMS Radionuclide Laboratory GBL#15 (C L Comley A V Davies, P Thompson, J McLarty, M Ball, C Miles, J Collins)