System Performance/Posters

SP-01/C: Global Environmental Problems: Negotiating International Integrity of Goals (T. Ermolieva, etal)

SP-02/C:  Analysis of system performance applied to the territory of Romania (2004 - 2008) (Daniela Ghica, Mihaela Popa and Victoria Oancea)

SP-03/C:  Seismic monitoring – network problems (Hlompho Malephane)

SP-04/C:  Simulations of IMS Detection Effectiveness as Deployed vs. Planned  (James Arzigian and Joseph Damico)

SP-05/C:  NDC Preparedness Exercises - Performance assessment of the CTBT Verification System by simulating realistic scenarios (N. Gestermann and M. Henger)

SP-06/C:  Is there an identifiable human signature in the International Data Center Products? (Y. Ben Horin and D. Steinberg)

SP07/C-:  Advances in data integration and quality control in support of ground-based nuclear detonation detection (Richard J. Stead, Michael L. Begnaud, and Julio Aguilar-Chang)

SP-08/C:  Bridging the missing link to strengthen CTBT verification regime (Isaiah Tumwikirize) - photo of poster

SP-09/C:  Overview of Standards Activities in Reliability and QoS for CTBTO’s Evolving Global Communications Infrastructure (Spilios E. Makris and Percy Tarapore)

SP-10/C:  Towards a reliable communication network for International Monitoring System (Senthil Kumar Chandran  and Sasikumar Punnekkat Mälardalen)

SP-11/C:  Verifying Timing Quality of Seismological Stations Using Teleseismic Arrivals (Klaus Stammler)

SP-12/C:  Sel1 vs. REB bulletins comparison: looking for underlying features.  (Roberto Carluccio, Rodolfo Console, Stefano Chiappini and Massimo Chiappini)

SP-13/C:  Towards a Portable Rule-Based Agent for Monitoring the Data of the International Monitoring System (IMS) (S. Laban, A.I. El-Desouky)

SP-14/C:  On the reliability of the CTBT International Monitoring System (Richard A. Gustafson)

SP-15/C:  Physical Modeling as Quality Control Tool for Calibration, Instrument Responses and Orientation (Ronan Le Bras, Marina Malakhova, Jeffrey Given, Jeffry Stevens)

SP-17/C:  Civil Society's Contributions to CTBT Verification (Annegret Falter, Dieter Deiseroth, Martin Kalinowski)

SP-18/B:  Promoting use of IMS data and IDC products through capacity building initiatives (Capacity Building and Training Section, IDC/PTS)

SP-19/C: Performance Monitoring and Assessment (S. Alamo, A. Anichenko, E. Castillo, J. Guarnizo, G. Perez, andC. Wirawan)


ATM (US): Arnico Panday
INFRA (UK): David Green
INFRA (France): Alexis Le Pichon
RN (US): Joel Forrester
SEISMIC (CHINA): Wang Haijun
SEISMIC (Norway): Tormod Kvaerna and Frode Ringdal
SEISMIC (US): Bob Engdahl
SEISMIC (US): Eric Bergman
SEISMIC (US): David Hafemeister
SEISMIC (US): D. Schorlemmer