Conference of the States Parties

Conference of the States Parties

This will be the main organ of the future CTBTO. It will be made up of States Parties. Its first session will be convened not later than 30 days after the Treaty enters into force. After this initial meeting, it convenes regularly once every year and may in addition hold special sessions at the discretion of the Conference or as requested by the Executive Council or a State Party supported by a majority of other States Parties. 

The Conference will mainly consider issues related to the Treaty, as well as to the other organs of the CTBTO; namely, the Executive Council and the Technical Secretariat.  It will have authority to make recommendations and decisions concerning the implementation of the Treaty. It will also have the power to elect members to the Executive Council.

Each State Party in the Conference will have only one vote and a simple majority of States Parties will constitute a quorum, this being the minimum number of members required to be present at a meeting to validate the proceedings.

Other duties of the Conference will be to consider and adopt the report of the CTBTO on the implementation of the objectives of the Treaty, as well as its annual programme and budget. The Conference will also dispense the duty of appointing the Director-General of the Technical Secretariat.

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