The Technical Secretariat

The Technical Secretariat

IMS staff in Alaska, United States

The Technical Secretariat will assist States Parties in carrying out the objectives of the Treaty, as well as aiding the Conference and the Executive Council in their functions. It will also be in charge of the operation of the International Monitoring System (IMS), as well as the International Data Centre (IDC).

IDC staff at the Geographic South Pole

Unlike other parts of the verification regime, the IDC will be a constitutive and fundamental part of the Technical Secretariat since it will be based solely at the seat of the CTBTO in Vienna. This is different from the IMS which, even though it is part of the verification regime, has its stations operating mostly at great distances from the Technical Secretariat.  In the case of a suspicious event, the Technical Secretariat may also be called upon to conduct on-site inspections and report to the Executive Council.

Vienna State Opera, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The seat of the CTBTO will remain in Vienna, Austria.

The Technical Secretariat will be tasked with developing manuals to oversee the operation of the verification regime. It will be responsible for such administrative matters as the draft programme and budget of the organization. The Technical Secretariat will be headed by a Director-General who will take on the responsibility of the appointment of staff in the organization, as well as how it is organized and operated.

The seat of the CTBTO will remain in Vienna, Austria.

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