Advanced Training/Capacity Building Course (Waveform Technologies) for NDC Technical Staff in Eastern Europe


Madrid, Spain 

             15 -26 November 2010


  • Understanding the roles of National Data Centres in the verification regime;
  • Building and/or improving the National Data Centre Capabilities;
  • Providing participants with sufficient knowledge for accessing and using IMS data and IDC products;
  • Provide practical experience analysing IMS data.


The working language of the course will be English.


Point of Contact:

Head, Training Unit
Capacity Building and Training Section
International Data Centre Division
Preparatory Commission
P.O. Box 1200, A- 1400 Vienna
Tel.: +43 1 26030 6312
Fax: +43 1 26030 5973


Participants Profile:

  • NDC technical staff/authorized users (preferably Principal User or Regular User);
  • Experience in waveform data analysis and/or similar experience related to  nuclear test-ban verification;
  • LINUX background and some SQL experience are required. 


Application Procedures:

NDC technical staff is invited to submit their applications for this training programme through established official channels (their Permanent Missions to the CTBTO or Ministries of Foreign Affairs).


Registration Form:   MS WordPDF


Deadline for Application:

The completed registration form must be received by the PTS no later than 15 October 2010


Financial Information:

  • In accordance with the Staff reuglations and rules and Administrative Directives, the PTS will provide a Daily Subsistence Allowance (DSA) and financial support to cover the travel costs.
  • The DSA will be sufficient to cover accommodation and related expenses during the training programme. The PTS travel agend will reserve, issue and send the tickets to the participants for the most direct and economic route;
  • Participants may, under exceptional circumstances, be authorized to purchase their ticket locally, but only if this proves to be most cost efficient for the PTS and has been authorized by the PTS in advance.


  1. Introduction and overview;
  2. Methods to access IMS data and IDC products;
  3. NDC Support/Performance Reports;
  4. IMS data, acquisition, processing and storage: Standard Software Packages;
  5. Necessary NDC's resources to process IMS data and Analyse IDC Products;
  6. Practical sessions on Data and Products access, use of Standard Software Packages, etc.

Other pertinent information:

Open only to States Signatories in Eastern Europe;

Accomodation: the PTS will organize accommodation for the participants. Participants will be expected to pay for their hotel stay out of their DSA that they receive from representative of the PTS upon their arrival at the training programme venue;

Insurance: all participants shall be covered under the Global Medical Insurance scheme for the PTS trainees under third part liability insurance.


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