On-Site Inspection (OSI) Directed Exercise DE10


The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan


1-12 November 2010


  • To bring OSI ground visual observation technique towards readiness and assess the integrated options for a concrete solution that will enable the inspection team to communicate reliably during an OSI.


Preparatory Commission for the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO)


The working language of the Directed Exercise will be English.

Point of Contact:

Mr Matjaz Prah

Coordinator, On-Site Inspection Division

Provisional Technical Secretariat

Preparatory Commission for the Comprehensive

Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization

Vienna International Centre

P.O. Box 1200, 1400 Vienna, Austria

Tel.: +43 1 26030 6399

Fax: +43 1 26030 5926

Email: matjaz.prahping@ctbtopong.org


Participant Profile:

(1)   Experts in at least one of the following: field geology; visual observation of geological features; observation of manmade artifacts; HF radio operations and procedures; military communications; ground navigation and tracking systems.


(2)   Experience with previous OSI activities and/or participation in the OSI training cycle for surrogate inspectors would be an asset.


(3)   Candidates must be proficient in English. 


Application Procedures:

Nominations together with the registration form (PHF) should be submitted only through established official channels (their permanent missions to the Preparatory Commission for the CTBTO or Ministries of Foreign Affairs) to the PTS focal point (please see contact details above) no later than 15 July 2010.



A letter of acceptance will be sent to the accepted candidate after his/her official nomination. After a selection process, it is expected that the team will include up to 20 external participants in addition to PTS staff.

No official letter of acceptance will be sent out until the participant's registration form is received by the PTS through the official channels (permanent mission to the Preparatory Commission for the CTBTO or Ministry for Foreign Affairs) .


Registration Form (PHF):   MS Word, PDF


Deadline for Application:     

15 July 2010

Financial Information:

In accordance with the Staff Regulations and Rules and Administrative Directives, the PTS will provide 20% of corresponding daily subsistence allowance (DSA) and financial support to cover travel costs, accommodation and maintenance.

The PTS will cover accommodation and related expenses during the exercise.

The PTS travel agent will reserve, issue and send the tickets to the participants for the most direct and economic route.


  • Selected candidates will receive detailed information on further aspects of their particular arrangements.

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