Infrasound Technology Workshop 2011


Dead Sea, Jordan
Venue: Dead Sea Spa Hotel

30 October - 04 November 2011

The working language of the workshop will be English

Point(s) Of Contact :

Mr. Belkacem Djermouni
Head, Training Unit
IDC/CBT, CTBTO Preparatory Commission
P.O. Box 1200, A-1400

Tel: +43 1 26030 6312     Fax: +43 1 26030 5973


The purpose of the Infrasound Technology Workshop 2011 is to present and evaluate the most recent advances in infrasound technology. The objectives set for the workshop are: 

  • Present the latest studies on infrasound sensors, noise reduction systems and calibration techniques; Discuss the potential implementation of these elements for improving the performance of the IMS infrasound network;
  • Present and evaluate the state-of-the-art signal processing methods for the analysis of infrasound data including detection, source localization, categorization and data quality control methods;
  • Present the most recent infrasound modelling studies to enhance our understanding of infrasound propagation in the atmosphere and discuss the impact of these studies on the overall infrasound technology;
  • Present the latest infrasound sources studies; discuss source mechanism and synergy with other technologies;
  • Present recent infrasound studies and their results on civil and scientific applications. Discuss the potential gain from such studies for advancing the infrasound technology.



The workshop is aimed towards all scientists, engineers and other persons involved in research work on infrasound technology.

PTS will solicit presentations and posters from participants on the topics of the Workshop.

PTS will support travel and DSA for a limited number of participants from developing countries who intend to present an invited presentation or poster.

The A details Agenda is available for viewing and/or downloading as pdf file here.

Additional Agenda information: Expert Group Meeting

The Provisional Technical Secretariat (PTS) of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBTO) has a continuous interest in enhancing its capability in acoustic source localization and characterization. The infrasound component of the International Monitoring System (IMS) consists of sixty stations, among which forty-three are already certified and continuously transmit data to the International Data Center (IDC) in Vienna, Austria. Each infrasound station is composed of an array of infrasound sensors capable of measuring micro-pressure changes produced at ground level by infrasonic waves.  The characteristics of infrasonic waves are computed in near real-time by IDC automatic detection software and are used as an input to IDC source localization and categorization algorithms.

Projects are currently ongoing at the IDC to improve the performance of automatic detection, categorization and source localization software for the infrasound monitoring technology. It is therefore also essential to ensure the highest quality for IMS infrasound data. This mainly includes an optimal station design, the use of accurate and calibrated infrasound measuring chains, the installation of efficient noise-reducing systems and the implementation of quality-control tools at the PTS. In the recent years, many studies have been carried out by national research institutes and the PTS to improve these different infrasound technology components. The PTS is therefore looking at evaluating the results of these studies in order to ensure that the new generation of IMS stations is built according to the latest advances in infrasound technology.

The IMS therefore proposes the organization of a one-day Expert Group Meeting on infrasound station design and performance immediately after the ITW 2011 in Jordan. The purpose of this Expert Group Meeting is to discuss and propose recommendations for the design of IMS infrasound stations and for the development of data quality control methods that could be implemented at the PTS. This Expert Group Meeting will be sponsored by the EU Joint Action IV.


PowerPoint presentations shall not exceed 20 minutes. Posters should be in either A0 or B1 format.

Application Procedures
State Signatories wishing to nominate experts are requested to inform the Provisional Technical Secretariat (see Point of Contact) through their Permanent Mission in Vienna no later than 31 July 2011.

Participants are requested to complete the attached registration form and forward it to the Point of Contact by 31 July 2011.

Participants should indicate on the registration form whether they intend to submit a poster or a PowerPoint presentation relevant to the objectives of the Workshop.


No registration fees will be charged.   Registration Form       PDF   WORD

Financial Information

Travel costs, daily subsistence allowance, health insurance, etc. have to be borne by the participants.

Invited participants from developing countries:

The PTS intends to invite scientists and engineers from developing countries to give a presentation. Persons interested in being invited to deliver a presentation or poster relevant to the objectives of the Workshop are encouraged to submit the proposed title and abstract for consideration to the PTS as soon as possible, but not later than
31 July 2011.

The PTS will make arrangements for issuance of flight tickets, health insurance and hotel bookings for subsidized participants.

Other Pertinent Information

  • Visas: Participants should apply for visas, if needed, at the corresponding consular office upon receipt of a Note Verbale from the PTS, in order to ensure timely processing. The PTS will provide personal invitations to visa applicants. No visas can be delivered upon arrival.
  • Health/Accident Insurance: It is strongly recommended that prior to departure all participants should acquire health and accident insurance for the duration of the workshop.
  • Hotel Accommodation: information to be provided.

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