Vienna International Centre, Austria 

28 - 30 November 2016   

The working language will be English

Ms. Olfa Seyah
Quality Management and
Performance Monitoring (QMPM) Section
Office of the Executive Secretary 
Preparatory Commission for the CTBTO
Vienna International Centre
P.O.Box 1200
A-1400 Vienna, Austria
Tel.:+43 1 26030 6208
Fax:+43 1 26030 5826
Email:  Opens window for sending emailQMPMping@ctbtopong.org


The main objective of the workshop is to review the components of the Quality Management System (QMS) of the Provisional Technical Secretariat (PTS) and elicit feedback in order to update and enhance the system, promote a better understanding among its users and, ultimately, to ensure that the system is applied and continues to fulfill its purpose. 


Workshop participants will be invited to review and provide feedback on the following: 

  • A high-level review of the progress/status of the PTS QMS as a whole; 

  • Detailed examination of key elements of the PTS QMS:
    - Quality Policy;
    - Quality Manual;
    - Verification-related Process Maps Manual (KPIs);
    - PTS Process Metrics Manual; 
    - Performance Monitoring Tools; 
    - Inventory of Procedures; 
    - Document Management System; 
    - Glossary of CTBT Verification Related Terms.

  • A review of the Performance Monitoring and Testing Framework and its application; 

  • The Evaluation approach to the Progressive Commissioning of the Elements of the Verification System. 

The workshop is intended for Experts in Quality Management, Systems Performance Monitoring, Systems Engineering and Operations. 

States Signatories wishing to nominate experts to contribute to achieving the objectives of the Workshop, are requested to inform the QMPM Section of the PTS (see Point of Contact) through their respective Permanent Mission by the deadline of 10 September 2016

Applicants are requested to visit the registration platform ctnw.ctbto.org and apply online by the aforementioned deadline. 

No registration fee will be charged.

The PTS will bear the administrative costs of the workshop. Travel costs, daily subsistence allowance, health insurance, etc., are to be borne by each participant. 

The PTS, subject to the availability of funds, may explore opportunities for providing limited financial assistance to some experts coming from countries with low and lower middle income in accordance with the World Development Indicators database of the World Bank. 

Participants requesting financial assistance should register before 31 August 2016


Participants should apply for visas, if needed, at the corresponding consular office upon receipt of an acceptance Note Verbale from the PTS, in order to ensure timely processing. The Provisional Technical Secretariat will provide personal invitations to visa applicants.

Health/Accident Insurance
It is strongly recommended that prior to departure all participants should acquire health and accident insurance for the duration of the workshop.

Participants must make their own hotel reservations directly with the hotel of their choice.