Virtual attendance 

1 May 2017- 30 November 2018


Ms Jennifer Ylo
Secretary, Software Applications IDC/SA
Preparatory Commission for the CTBTO
Vienna International Centre
P.O.Box 1200
1400 Vienna, Austria
Tel.:+43 1 26030 6135
Fax:+43 1 26030 5973
Email: [email protected] 


Since 2015, the PTS has been developing an on-line version of the Web-Grape software for visualization of ATM processing results. 

The "Web-Grape Internet Based Service"(Web-Grape-IBS) is integrated with the CTBTO Single-Sign-On and allows users to post, process and visualize Source Receptor Sensitivity (SRS) data generated and stored at the IDC, without the need to download large SRS files or to install commercial software locally. A first version of Web-Grape-IBS that allows users to calculate and visualize Field-of-Regard (FOR) products against the backdrop of a basemap in 2D and 3d mode has been developed and has reached beta-version status. 

The role of the Beta Testers Group (BTG) is to represent the NDC user community and help to test the newly developed Web-Grape-IBS application. Testing will be carried out in 2017-2018. 



  • Via teleconferencing, attend demos of new modules delivered throughout the lifetime of the project and provide feedback on them; 
  • Liaise with other technical users in their NDC and share their feedback with the developers;
  • Execute test plans provided by the Web-Grape-IBS project team and report on their findings; and
  • Share their experience with the Web-Grape community, for instance at the NDC Workshops.

Participants must be representative of an NDC

  • Experience in ATM, radionuclide data processing or in using Web-Grape would be an asset.
  • It is estimated that each BTG member will need to devote around 8 hours of work per every quarter of a year, within the testing period (May 1, 2017 to November 2018), towards testing activities. 
  • In order to be effective in this work, it is recommended that each participating NDC nominate only one person for BTG membership. 
  • A careful selection will make sure that diverse approaches of using the Web-Grape-IBS will be represented, as well as broad geographical distribution. 

Additionally, NDCs are expected to have access to computer and internet resources on which to test the software and make time available for the BTG Members to perform the activities above. 


Applications are open only to National Data Centres (NDCs).

Nominations together with the registration form should be submitted only through established official channels (Permanent Mission to the Preparatory Commission for the CTBTO or Ministry of Foreign Affairs) to the PTS point of contact above, no later than 31 March 2017

Applicants are requested to use the following registration form: 
RF_Beta Testers Group_Web Grape IBS 

However, pending the official nomination, the applicant may fax the registration form upon its approval by the Head of the NDC to allow for timely planning. 

Other Pertinent Information
The minimum web browser requirements are: 
Internet Explorer 9
Firefox 10.0.12
Chrome 46