Annex 2 State*Yes
Signature Date24-SEP-1996
Ratification Date13-MAR-1998

Monitoring Facilities

LocationTypeTreaty CodeStatus
Austrian Research Centre SeibersdorfRadionuclide LaboratoryRL03Certified

Additional Information

Austria is the CTBTO's host country. Over 60 International Data Centre and International Monitoring System training events have taken place in Vienna.

Through five so-called EU Joint Actions adopted in the framework of the European Union’s Common Foreign and Security Policy, Austria has made substantial voluntary contributions in support of the CTBTO’s work in areas such as training, verification regime enhancement and technical assistance to third countries. Both the 2012 EU Joint Action and the preceding one in 2010 amounted to over € 5 million.

Facility Agreement: yet to be concluded

Austria presided over the 2007 Article XIV Conference together with Costa Rica.

Ambassador Thomas Stelzer, Permanent Representative to the United Nations in Vienna, was Chairperson of the CTBTO Preparatory Commission from July to December 2003, see CTBTO press release.

Radionuclide laboratory RL03 in Seibersdorf was the first of its kind to be certified.


"[W]e have managed to create a strong and viable organisation in Vienna that is bracing itself for the entry into force of the Treaty. This shows the strong support for banning all nuclear tests that is underpinned by a solid verification regime."
Vice-Chancellor and Foreign Minister Michael Spindelegger at the 2011 Article XIV Conference in New York - full statement (PDF)

Country Profiles

Country Profiles