New Zealand

Annex 2 State*No
Signature Date27-SEP-1996
Ratification Date19-MAR-1999

Monitoring Facilities

LocationTypeTreaty CodeStatus
Rata Peaks, South IslandAuxiliary Seismic StationAS069Certified
Raoul IslandAuxiliary Seismic StationAS070Certified
Urewera, North IslandAuxiliary Seismic StationAS071Certified
Chatham IslandInfrasound StationIS36Certified
National Radiation Laboratory ChristchurchRadionuclide LaboratoryRL12Certified
Chatham IslandRadionuclide StationRN46Certified
Chatham IslandNoble Gas SystemCertified
KaitaiaRadionuclide StationRN47Certified

Additional Information

Facility Agreement: In force (19 December 2000), see CTBTO press release (signature / entry into force)

Workshops and seminars hosted (selection):

  • Technical Training Programme Course for Seismic Station Operators, from 5 to 9 November 2001
  • Technical Training Programme Course for Radionuclide Station Operators, from 4 to 15 December 2000

New Zealand was the 30th State to ratify the CTBT, see CTBTO press release.


"Although the CTBT has yet to enter into force, the near universality of the CTBT sends a strong signal about the legitimacy of nuclear weapons testing and development." Minister for Disarmament and Arms Control Phil Goff in CTBTO Spectrum 8 - article (PDF)

Country Profiles

Country Profiles