United Kingdom of Great Britain
and Northern Ireland

Annex 2 State*Yes
Signature Date24-SEP-1996
Ratification Date06-APR-1998

Monitoring Facilities

LocationTypeTreaty CodeStatus
EskdalemuirAuxiliary Seismic StationAS104Certified
BIOT/Chagos ArchipelagoHydroacoustic StationHA08Certified
Tristan da CunhaHydroacoustic StationHA09Certified
AscensionHydroacoustic StationHA10Certified
Tristan da CunhaInfrasound StationIS49Certified
AscensionInfrasound StationIS50Certified
BermudaInfrasound StationIS51Certified
BIOT/Chagos ArchipelagoInfrasound StationIS52Certified
AWE AldermastonRadionuclide LaboratoryRL15Certified
BIOT/Chagos ArchipelagoRadionuclide StationRN66Certified
BIOT/Chagos ArchipelagoNoble Gas SystemCertified
St. HelenaRadionuclide StationRN67Certified
Tristan da CunhaRadionuclide StationRN68Certified
Tristan da CunhaNoble Gas SystemCertified
Halley, AntarcticaRadionuclide StationRN69Planned
Halley, AntarcticaNoble Gas SystemPlanned

Additional Information

Facility Agreement: In force (16 June 2004), see CTBTO press release

Through five so-called EU Joint Actions adopted in the framework of the European Union’s Common Foreign and Security Policy, the United Kingdom has made substantial voluntary contributions in support of the CTBTO’s work in areas such as training, verification regime enhancement and technical assistance to third countries. Both the 2012 EU Joint Action and the preceding one in 2010 amounted to over € 5 million.

Workshops and seminars hosted (selection):

  • Hosted On-Site Inspection Workshop-24 by the National Oceanography Centre (NOC), 12 to 16 November 2018 in Southampton.
  • Hosted Experts' Discussion on Civil and Scientific Applications of CTBT Verification Technologies, 9 to 10 May 2002 in London.

The United Kingdom ratified the CTBT jointly with France, as the 12th and 13th States to do so, see CTBTO press release.

Featured stations:


“Promoting Entry into Force of the CTBT is one of the United Kingdom’s key disarmament and non-proliferation priorities. The UK strongly supports the continued development of the Treaty’s global verification regime. We have provided experts to assist the CTBT Organisation with its efforts to establish a viable verification regime which is ready for entry in force.”
Parliamentary Under Secretary of State Alistair Burt at the 2011 Article XIV Conference in New York – full statement (PDF)

Country Profiles

Country Profiles