Training activities are also essential in preparing for OSI’s operational readiness. The Treaty, in its Protocol, foresees a process immediately after its entry into force that leads to the appointment of inspectors and assistant inspectors.

The CTBTO develops a comprehensive training
programme for future inspectors who need to be
able to carry out an effective on-site inspection
under challenging conditions and time constraints.

As required by the Treaty, comprehensive training will prepare future inspectors for an effective on-site inspection under challenging conditions and considerable time constraints.  In order to meet this requirement, a comprehensive training programme for future inspectors is being developed.

CTBTO has already conducted a number of complex training courses on an experimental basis for curriculum development. Training activities are organized in structured cycles and consist of an introduction course, separate advanced courses on specific techniques of on-site inspections and tabletop simulation exercises where procedural dry runs of on-site inspections are tested.

Training activities also tie into the various field exercises conducted by the CTBTO, with each exercise testing particular elements of an on-site inspection.  These exercises offer lessons learned and help improve existing training curricula.


Recent On-site Inspection Training Events

Training Event Description Dates Location
Build-Up Exercise I Training Training for the launch phase of an on-site inspection. Subsequently the new skills were practised in Build-Up Exercise I 2012: 17 & 31 January, 28 February, 27 March, 3 April, 10 & 11 May Guntramsdorf, Austria
Build-Up Exercise II/IV Training Training for the pre- and post-inspection phases of an on-site inspection and the newly acquired skills were later practised in Build-Up Exercise II & IV 2012: 6-10 August Vosendorf & Guntramsdorf, Austria
Build-Up Exercise III Training Training in the techniques and procedures of the inspection phase of an on-site inspection. This training was subsequently tested in Build-Up Exercise III 2013: 4-15 March Vosendorf & Guntramsdorf, Austria
Argon & Xenon Training Training in the detection of radioactive noble gases, argon and xenon, in an on-site inspection. 2013: 18-27 April Chengdu & Beijing, China