Legal Texts

  1. Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty  (PDF)
    Arabic | ChineseFrench | Russian | Spanish

  2. Resolution establishing the Preparatory Commission for the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO) (PDF)
    Arabic | Chinese | French | Russian | Spanish

  3.  Rules of Procedure of the CTBTO (PDF)
    Arabic | Chinese | French | Russian | Spanish

Agreements concluded by the CTBTO

  1. Headquarters Agreement (PDF)
    German | Arabic | Chinese| French|Russian|Spanish

  2. Model Facility Agreement (PDF)
    (background information)

  3. Model Tsunami Warning Agreement (PDF)
    (background information)

Agreements with other international organizations

  1. United Nations (PDF)

  2. United Nations Development Programme (PDF)

  3. World Meteorological Organization (PDF)

  4. Agency for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons in Latin America and the Caribbean (PDF)

  5. European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (PDF)

  6. Association of Caribbean States (PDF)

  7. United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (PDF)

External Reference Sources

  1. Bibliography (coming soon)

  2. External Sources (coming soon)

National Implementation Measures

  1. Report to the Preparatory Commission on National Implementation Measures (PDF)
    Arabic | Chinese | French | Russian | Spanish

  2. Update to National Implementation Measures: Legislation, Privileges and Immunities, and Facility Agreements (DOC)
    ArabicChineseFrenchRussian | Spanish

  3. Guide to CTBT National Implementation Measures (PDF)
    Arabic | ChineseFrench | Russian | Spanish

  4. Legislation Questionnaire (DOC)
    Arabic | Chinese | French | Russian | Spanish

  5. CTBT Legislation Database (DOC)

  6. National Implementation Measures for on-site inspections (PDF)
    Arabic | Chinese | French | Russian | Spanish

Other Legal Resources

  1. Background information for parliamentarians on the CTBT (PDF)
    Arabic | French | Spanish

  2. Signature and Ratification Guide (PDF)
    French | Spanish

Provisional Technical Secretariat

  1. Staff Regulations & Rules (PDF)

  2. Financial Regulations & Rules (PDF, pg. 79)

  3. General Conditions of Contract (DOC)

Contact details for legal assistance

States wishing to consult with the CTBTO on the subject of national implementation measures may contact: or Tel.: +43-1-26030-6371 or +43-1-26030-6107.