CTBTO Technology Support and Training Centre

The CTBTO Technology Support and Training Centre (TeST Centre) is a multipurpose facility for equipment storage, maintenance and testing as well as training, supporting the build-up and sustainment of the verification regime and providing the Provisional Technical Secretariat (PTS) with the operational capability and readiness required for entry into force.

Located in Seibersdorf in Lower Austria, it contributes to all key elements of the verification system of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT): the International Monitoring System (IMS), the International Data Centre (IDC) and the On-Site Inspection (OSI) capability.

The TeST Centre provides capability for technology development, testing and maintenance, and can host seminars, workshops, exercises, and courses at its training facilities.

The Equipment Maintenance and Storage facility (ESMF) in the TeST Centre holds PTS equipment that is kept ready for operational deployment in support of the verification regime or for exercises and for rapid deployment in the event of an on-site inspection once the CTBT enters into force. 

The Central Logistics Support (CLS) function in the PTS operates and manages the TeST Centre and provides essential support for technical activities at the TeST Centre, while at the same time providing cross-divisional, integrated logistical support across the entire PTS for shipping, warehousing and goods management.