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Presentation of Credentials

CTBTO Accreditation Procedure

CTBTO Protocol Form (DOC) (PDF)

Permanent Representatives
For the accreditation of a new Permanent Representative to the Preparatory Commission for the CTBTO, the following documents are required: a note verbale indicating the arrival of the new Permanent Representative, a copy of the letter of credence and the official CV of the Permanent Representative.

Once the documents have been received, the Protocol Office will liaise with the Permanent Mission to find an appropriate date for the credentials to be presented to the Executive Secretary.

Mission Staff
Staff at the Mission can be accredited using the Protocol Form (DOC/PDF). The form should be completed to notify the CTBTO of all arrivals, promotions and departures. All categories of staff are listed in the Permanent Missions booklet, but are differentiated by role in the Mission. The different categories for staff are as follows:

Diplomatic staff provided with a red grounds pass, who may act as chargé d’affaires during the absence of the Permanent Representative 

Diplomatic staff provided with a red grounds pass, who advise the Permanent Representative or chargé d’affaires.

Advisers to the Permanent Representative who participate in regular CTBTO meetings in Vienna and do not have diplomatic status. Expert badges provide uninterrupted access to the VIC.

Support Staff
Including interns and drivers, those staff without diplomatic status who support the work of the Permanent Mission through administrative or logistical duties. Support Staff must pass through the security checks on entry to the VIC. There is a limit to six support staff badges per Mission.

All Protocol Forms and queries regarding protocol should be directed to the Protocol Office:

Protocol Office
Room E0714
CTBTO Preparatory Commission
Vienna International Centre
PO Box 1200
1400 Vienna, Austria

Telephone: +43 1 26030 6112
Facsimile: +43 1 26030 5960