Ad Hoc Experts Group evaluates CTBTO hydroacoustic data processing

An evaluation report on CTBTO hydroacoustic data processing has been submitted by an Ad Hoc Expert Group. The Group, formed in May 2002 by the Evaluation Section, brought together experts from Australia, Chile, France, Germany, Japan and the United States. The experts were mandated to review the operational tools, examine the application of underlying physical principles (including modelling), consider possible improvements and provide advice as appropriate.

In all, the group held three week-long working meetings in Vienna between June 2002 and January 2003, with staff from the Provisional Technical Secretariat (PTS) providing the necessary support. During the inter-sessional periods, the experts worked from their respective countries through exchange of information.

The final report was submitted to the PTS in January 2003. The experts have identified areas with potential for improvements and have made recommendations to achieve increased performance of the system. One of the issues highlighted is that the hydroacoustic processing tools were developed and tested using data from pre-existing non-International Monitoring System (IMS) hydroacoustic stations. As the IMS network of hydroacoustic stations has been partially deployed, modifications and additions to improve the performance of the International Data Centre's processing tools are now necessary. The new stations for the IMS network have greatly improved characteristics compared to these pre-existing stations. The issues to be taken into account for future implementation of recommendations also include priority status, resource requirements and expected impacts on the performance of the system. The final report is now under consideration by the PTS for further action.