African regional infrasound workshop for National Data Centres

A workshop and training opportunity on infrasound technology is taking place in Tunisia this week 12-16 February 2018. CTBTO Executive Secretary was in Tunis to inaugurate the workshop, together with high ranking officials of the host government.
The purpose of the workshop is to further build national and regional capability of states to address their role in implementing the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT) and participate in the verification regime.  Experts will also discuss civil and scientific applications and exchange experiences.  Training in the latest analysis tools - including the extended NDC-in-a-Box will be conducted later in the week. The workshop includes 32 experts from 22 countries.
"We are confident that, thanks to the excellent attendance of the experts and scientists, this event will be a major scientific capacity-building platform and will enable us to strengthen the cooperation and the interaction between National Data Centres at both regional and international levels."

On the Tunisian side General Mohammad Al Hajjem, Chief of Staff of the Tunisian Air Force and  Commodore Zohair Jendeli, Director General of the Centre national de cartographie  et teledetection (CNCT)  welcomed the Executive Secretary and the CTBTO delegation and expressed their thanks for their  invaluable support in convening this workshop. For his part Zerbo thanked the hosts for the warm welcome and highlighted the quality and professionalism of the Tunisian NDC. He also appreciated the political and technical commitment of Tunisia to the Treaty.
"I believe that Tunisia offers a good example of a practical science diplomacy tool; that is, how a good mix of committed political leadership and dedicated scientific community can be an effective instrument for peace, development and social progress."

During his visit, the Executive Secretary met with Admiral Kamel Akrout, principal assistant to the President of Tunisia for security affairs, and discussed Tunisia's long-standing support for the CTBT and the verification regime.  Zerbo appreciated the full political and technical commitment of Tunisia as an example for the countries in the region. He highlighted the importance of the Treaty in the architecture of disarmament and non-proliferation, and re-emphasized that the Treaty and the organization are inseparable.  Admiral Akrout appreciated the great support provided by the CTBTO to Tunisia and the region in knowledge transfer and capacity building.  They highlighted the importance of further cooperation between CBCT and the CTBTO for future regional training. 

The Executive Secretary later met with Tunisia's Minister of Defence, HE Abdelkrim Zbidi (Minister of Defence).  They discussed wide ranging issues including the long history cooperation between Tunisia and the CTBTO, the strong support that Tunisia has for the Treaty and agreed the Treaty and its verification regime are inseparable.

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The Tunisian hosts appreciated Zerbo's policy of engaging young people and increasing gender balance.  The role of the CTBTO in preserving peace and security was emphasized repeatedly. At the same time, the enormous benefit of IMS data for disaster mitigation and civil applications was applauded.

The workshop also included a visit to infrasound station IS48 in Kesra. For more, please see: Tunisia country profile