CTBTO conducts Third On-Site Inspection Experimental Advanced Course

The Operations and Training Section of the On-Site Inspection (OSI) Division is in the process of developing a Long Range Plan (LRP) for an OSI Training and Exercise Programme (TEP) for inspectors, to be utilized after the Treaty enters into force. In order to check the validity and to test the curriculum developed for the different elements of the TEP, the OSI division is conducting experimental activities. These activities are being performed in the format of the planned courses but with reduced duration, with participants who are OSI experts nominated by States Signatories. The main objectives of these activities are to provide insights and recommendations on the curriculum of the future full scale advanced courses, as well as input for the elaboration of the Initial Draft Rolling Text of the OSI Operational Manual (OM).

The Operations & Training Section of the On-Site Inspection Division conducted the Third OSI Experimental Advanced Course (EAC-3) from 18 to 25 November 2002 at the Vienna International Centre. This course focused on Inspection Team leadership, and is planned for potential Inspection Team Leaders and sub-team leaders. The 12 participants were experts in OSI techniques and methods from 12 States Signatories (Australia, Austria, Brazil, Burkina Faso, China, Germany, France, Italy, Romania, Russian Federation, Slovakia and South Africa).

The Course concentrated on several important issues relevant to Inspection Team leadership, such as the Operational Manual for OSI, presentation skills, leadership and team building, inspection team management and negotiation skills. Varied techniques were used as training tools including presentations, self-tests, case studies and simulations of inspection team activities. Experts in these subjects from the Netherlands, Russian Federation, Israel and the UK provided insight and feedback throughout the event on how this Experimental Advanced Course could evolve into a future advanced training course for potential inspection team leaders.

Significant moments included a keynote address by Ambassador Jaap Ramaker of the Netherlands on his experience in negotiating the CTBT and the simulated negotiations between an inspection team and an Inspected State Party. These simulated negotiations were based on an OSI scenario developed in the OSI division for previous activities.

During the experimental advanced course, many debriefings were conducted in order to receive feedback from the participants on the suggested course curriculum. A draft report was prepared as an output of the event, detailing the lessons learned and how they can be used in improving the program of the actual advanced course after the Treaty's entry into force. The final report will incorporate the valuable contributions obtained from the Course participants, trainers and lecturers.