CTBTO hosts discussion on CTBT/NPT linkages

The CTBTO hosted a webinar discussion on “The CTBT and the 10th NPT Review Conference” on 6 October to discuss the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty in the context of the forthcoming NPT Review Conference, and to examine the critical linkages between the two mutually reinforcing treaties.

Panellists exchanged ideas on how to promote full implementation of both treaties to strengthen the nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament regime. The webinar, which can be viewed in full above, featured the following speakers:

William Potter
Founding Director, James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies

Opening Remarks:
Lassina Zerbo
Executive Secretary, Preparatory Commission for the CTBTO

Izumi Nakamitsu
UN Under-Secretary-General and High Representative for Disarmament Affairs

Ambassador Rüdiger Bohn
Deputy Federal Government Commissioner for Disarmament and Arms Control and Special Commissioner for Cyber Foreign and Security Policy, German Federal Foreign Office Ambassador Marjolijn van Deelen
EU Special Envoy for Non-proliferation and Disarmament Ambassador Mitch Fifield
Permanent Representative of Australia to the United Nations

Ambassador Gustavo Zlauvinen (Argentina)
President-Designate of the Tenth NPT Review Conference
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