CTBTO launches new IT management system

Vienna, Austria 16 May 2014

The CTBTO has successfully launched a new organizational-wide business management software system that streamlines internal processes by integrating all management and financial functions into a single system with a shared database.
The new Enterprise Resource Management System (ERP) offers a range of benefits. One of the main advantages is that real-time resource accountability can be maintained across the entire organization. The new system will also enhance the CTBTO’s efficiency by improving the way in which strategically valuable information is produced, shared and managed across functions and locations

The CORE (Comprehensive Organizational Resource Environment) team celebrating with Executive Secretary Lassina Zerbo and former Executive Secretary Tibor Tóth

I congratulate all CTBTO staff involved in that project, in particular the hardworking CORE team on the successful, smooth and effective launch of the ERP system and thank our Member States for their sustained support.

The new ERP complies with international public sector accounting standards (IPSAS). This means that it provides greater transparency in financial reporting to CTBTO Member States, who have invested around U.S. $ 9 million in the system.

An SAP "walk-in clinic" was established to alleviate the "teething problems" associated with every major system's rollout

We wouldn’t have achieved this without the great cooperation of our colleagues within the CTBTO and the support of all other parties involved.

The introduction of the ERP has been a major operation carried out over a three-year period. It has been implemented by a team of 15 project members who have worked full-time on the project to deliver a functioning ERP system on time, within budget and in accordance with the plan.

Project leader Nirmal Sandhu and his team

The management benefits of ERP are: Efficiency, transparency and informed decision making.

It has in effect involved a complete revamp of the CTBTO’s management software backbone. As well as eliminating conflicting information, the new system reduces data redundancy, and standardizes access and security.