First infrasound station to monitor compliance with CTBT is certified

Infrasound Station 26 in Freyung, Germany, is the first infrasound station in the International Monitoring System (IMS) to be certified by the CTBTO PrepCom. The IMS is a global network of stations that will monitor compliance with the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty. The network is designed to detect any form of nuclear explosion in any environment. The station in Freyung, which was built from scratch over a period of twelve months, uses very sensitive microbarometers to detect very low frequency sound waves in the atmosphere which are produced by both natural and man-made events. It consists of an array of sensors located several kilometres apart. Each sensor is surrounded by a network of baffles which reduce wind noise. The station's location in the middle of the Bavarian forest also reduces the level of interference caused by the wind. It is co-located with a primary seismic array, also part of the IMS, which has not been certified yet.

Information from IS26 is transmitted to the International Data Centre in Vienna via the Global Communications Infrastructure, where it is analysed and made available to the States Signatories through the regular Event Bulletins. IS26 is managed and maintained by the Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources (BGR).