International Data Centre marks the 100,000th event

The Provisional Technical Secretariat of the CTBTO Preparatory Commission has marked the 100,000th event to be included in the daily Reviewed Event Bulletin (REB) of the International Data Centre (IDC). Events are compiled from data recorded worldwide at the seismic, hydroacoustic and infrasound stations of the International Monitoring System. The REB is a standard IDC product. It includes the time, location and magnitude of all events which have passed analyst inspection and quality assurance review, and which meet specific minimum criteria. The International Data Centre began distributing data and products to States Signatories on 21 February 2000. The 100,000th event occured on the 23rd of July and was included in the REB for that day, issued on 30th July 2004. Each REB is produced within ten days of the day that the events occurred, as mandated by the Preparatory Commission. When the events are mapped, they clearly show the global coverage of the REB. The distribution of earthquakes delineates the boundaries of the tectonic plates.

100,000 REB events determined from data recorded by the network of stations in the International Monitoring System.