National seminar on ratification and the current status of the IMS concluded in Sarajevo

A national seminar on ratification and the current status of the International Monitoring System was concluded today in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The seminar, hosted by the Centre for Security Studies in Bosnia and Herzegovina with the support of the Provisional Technical Secretariat, brought together some fifty national experts for presentations and discussions on the issues of Treaty ratification and the current status of implementation of the International Monitoring System. The seminar was opened by Wolfgang Hoffmann, Executive Secretary of the CTBTO Preparatory Commission, and Mr Denis Hadzovic, Secretary-General of the Centre for Security Studies. In his opening statement, Mr Hoffmann recalled that all 22 States in the Eastern Europe geographical region have signed the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT), and encouraged the Government of Bosnia and Herzegovina to ratify it. He reminded participants that Bosnia and Herzegovina's ratification is of importance for the universality of the Treaty, and noted that it would be appreciated both as a contribution to Europe's peace and security and to that of the whole international community. Topics covered at the seminar included the ratification process and national implementation of the Treaty. A presentation of the verification system was also given.