New Brochure on on-site inspections

Having existed for a mere six weeks in 2008, the State of Arcania was short-lived. The fictitious state helped to test on-site inspections, a key element of a global alarm system that monitors the Earth for signs of nuclear explosions. The CTBTO is mandated to build this system to verify States’ compliance with the CTBT.
On-Site Inspections (OSI) complement the verification regime’s other elements: the International Monitoring System with its network of 337 facilities, the International Data Centre with its extensive data analysis capacities, and the Global Communications Infrastructure.
The on-site inspection exercise "Integrated Field Exercise 2008" (IFE08) in September 2008 at the former Soviet nuclear test site of Semipalatinsk, Kazakhstan, was the biggest ever single inspection exercise carried out by the CTBTO.
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