PPE donations arrive in Burkina Faso, Paraguay

Personal protective equipment (PPE) made available by the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO) has landed in Burkina Faso and Paraguay to help support medical staff fighting COVID-19. Responding to the urgent need for supplies in developing countries facing the COVID-19 pandemic, CTBTO opened up its stocks of PPE, handing over masks, gloves, protective suits and other vital items to the two countries’ diplomatic missions in Vienna last month.

The equipment had been stocked by the CTBTO’s On-Site Inspection division for use in training, field exercises and ultimately to be ready for deployment once the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty enters into force. ‘’This donation is really welcome and appreciated,” said Emmanuel Sorgho, the Chief of Staff to Burkina Faso’s Minister of Health, thanking the organization for its support.

“In health matters, prevention is always better than cure.’’ Paraguay’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed the supplies had arrived safely at the country’s Inter-institutional Coordination Centre dealing with the pandemic.

“Thank you Executive Secretary Lassina Zerbo for this valuable support to the government of Paraguay to protect the health of our medical personnel, who find themselves in the front line in the COVID-19 crisis,” Paraguay’s Ambassador Juan Francisco Facetti said in a tweet.

PPE supplies handed over to Burkina Faso Ministry of Health senior official

Equipment delivered in Burkina Faso being unpacked