Two years of distribution of IMS data and IDC products

The International Data Centre (IDC) receives, collects, processes, analyses, reports on and archives data from International Monitoring System (IMS) facilities, including the results of analysis conducted at certified radionuclide laboratories. It supports the verification responsibilities of the States Parties by providing objective products and services necessary for effective global monitoring. The International Data Centre began distributing data and products to the States Signatories in early 2000. One of the main products is the Reviewed Event Bulletin (REB), which is a list of events recorded at the seismic, hydroacoustic and infrasound IMS stations. The REB gives the time, location and magnitude of each event, together with a suite of attributes describing each signal associated with the event. All the events in the Bulletin are reviewed by analysts. For more details, see the article on Data Processing at the International Data Centre. During the two first years of distribution (2000 and 2001), 39,815 events were included in the Reviewed Event Bulletins. When these events are mapped, the boundaries between the tectonic plates are clearly visible, due to the high seismic activity in these areas.