HPC Workshop for Nuclear Explosion Monitoring

Vienna International Centre
Vienna, Austria

3-5 December 2024

The working language will be English

The workshop aims to discuss the use of High-Performance Computing (HPC) to support monitoring the world for any nuclear explosions on the ground, in the ocean and in the atmosphere.  

The International Data Centre (IDC) is constantly trying to enhance its technical capabilities as experience is gained in the operation of the International Monitoring System (IMS). To this end, it will hold the second edition of the HPC workshop for nuclear explosion monitoring to identify and discuss solutions that will improve seismic, hydroacoustic, infrasound, and radionuclide modelling and data analysis, atmospheric transport modelling, and other needs of the CTBTO.   

Why attend?

  • Learn from experts: Gaining insights from leading scientists who will present their latest work and gain insights about applications of HPC, ML and DL in nuclear explosion monitoring. 
  • Shape the future: Contribute to the future of the CTBTO by presenting new methods and procedures, and engage in discussions about possible applications. 
  • Networking: Build valuable connections with other professionals and like-minded individuals of the CTBTO community and experts from the technical side.  

Workshop Highlights  

  • Fundamentals and advanced topics: From the basics of using HPC, ML and DL to the latest advancements in applications for nuclear explosion monitoring 
  • Use cases: Learn how these technologies can be used to achieve more precise and efficient results in monitoring nuclear explosions Interactive sessions: Participate in brainstorming sessions where we will have the opportunity to discuss the potential use cases for nuclear explosion monitoring 
  • Collaborative discussions: Share your ideas and explore new methods that can enhance the work of the CTBTO

The workshop includes but is not limited to the following topics:  

  • Numerical modelling applied to seismic, hydroacoustic, infrasound, atmospheric transport, and radionuclide simulations;   
  • Deep learning and machine learning applied to data analysis, signal processing, event localization, data fusion, physics-informed networks, and weather and ocean modelling.   

The target audience for the workshop will consist of scientists, engineers, and other persons with expertise in High‑Performance Computing, Machine Learning, and Seismic, Hydroacoustic, Infrasound, Atmospheric Transport, and radionuclide simulation and data analysis.  

 Please be informed that the Provisional Technical Secretariat (PTS) solicits presentations and posters from participants on the topics of the Workshop for travel funding applications. 


Applicants are requested to register online at the Commission’s CTNW platform: https://ctnw.ctbto.org

Financial support may be available to a limited number of participants. Such assistance must be requested at the time of registration (by selecting the relevant box during online registration) and no later than 23 August 2024 

Financial support will be considered only for those who have submitted an abstract which will be accepted. Participants are strongly encouraged to first seek travel and participation funds from non-CTBTO sources.  

State Signatories wishing to nominate experts are requested to inform the Provisional Technical Secretariat (See Administrative Point of Contact) through their respective Permanent Mission by the deadline set for application.

Applicants are invited to submit an abstract relevant to the objectives of the Workshop at https://ctnw.ctbto.org/ before the registration deadline. Applicants will be prompted to select whether they prefer to submit a poster or an oral presentation.

Applicable for PTS-funded participants only

In accordance with the Staff Rules and Regulations and Administrative Directives, the PTS will provide the following:

  • A Daily Subsistence Allowance (DSA) that is sufficient to cover the related expenses during the workshop program will be granted to funded participants; 
  • The PTS travel agent will reserve, issue and forward the flight ticket to the participants for the most direct and economic route;
  • Funded participants are not allowed to purchase their own tickets unless, under exceptional circumstances, be authorized to do so and only if this proves to be most cost efficient for the PTS;
  • The PTS will book a hotel and cover the costs for the accommodation; and
  • Health insurance will be provided for the duration of the workshop. 

Requirement: Scanned passport copies.


All participants should apply for visas, if needed, at the corresponding consular office upon receipt of an acceptance letter from the Secretariat, in order to ensure timely processing. 

Health/Accident Insurance
It is strongly recommended that prior to departure all non-funded participants should acquire health and accident insurance for the duration of the workshop.

Point of Contact

Capacity Building and Training Section (IDC/CBT)
CTBTO Preparatory Commission
Vienna International Centre
P.O.Box 1200, 1400 Vienna, Austria 
Tel:  +43 1 26030 6147 
Email: [email protected]