General Information

The CTBTO is committed to processing personal data in an accountable and non-discriminatory manner. As an autonomous intergovernmental organization in relationship with the United Nations, enjoying privileges and immunities that derive, inter alia, from its Statute, the CTBTO is not bound by the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 

The CTBTO defines "personal data" as information relating to a natural person (data subject) who can be uniquely identified by that information, either directly or indirectly through recognizable attributes. The CTBTO uses the term "data processing" to describe all activities associated with the handling of personal data, including the collection, storage, usage, transfer and disposal of personal data. 

CTBTO processes personal data in accordance with the following principles:

Fair and Legitimate Processing

The CTBTO processes personal data in a fair manner, and based on any of the following: 

  1. The mandate and applicable legal framework of the CTBTO, including its Statute and applicable decisions of its Policy-Making Organs; 
  2. The best interests of the data subject, consistent with the mandate of the CTBTO; 
  3. The consent of the data subject, consistent with the mandate of the CTBTO; or 
  4. Any other legal basis specifically identified by the CTBTO. 

Purpose Specification

Personal data should be processed for one or more specific purpose(s), consistent with the CTBTO's mandate, and is not to be processed in a way incompatible with such purpose(s).

Proportionality and Necessity

The processing of personal data should be relevant, adequate and limited to what is necessary in relation to the specified purpose(s) of personal data processing.


Personal data should be retained only for the time that is necessary for the specified purpose(s) in accordance with the CTBTO's Records Retention Schedules.


Personal data should be accurate and, where necessary, up to date to fulfill the specified purposes. 


Personal data should be processed with due regard to its level of classification, and in accordance with any applicable CTBTO frameworks regarding the handling and protection of such information. The CTBTO should implement appropriate organizational, administrative, physical and technical measures to protect the security of personal data from unauthorized or accidental access, damage, loss, disclosure or other risks presented by data processing.

Transparency and Access

Processing of personal data should be carried out with transparency to the data subjects, as appropriate and whenever possible. This should include, for example, provision of information about the processing of their personal data as well as information on how to request access, verification, rectification, and/or deletion of that personal data, insofar as the specified purpose for which personal data is processed is not frustrated.


In carrying out its mandated activities, the CTBTO may transfer personal data to a third party, provided that, under the circumstances, the CTBTO satisfies itself that the third party affords appropriate protection for the personal data,


Should you have any questions or concerns about the protection or processing of your personal data by the CTBTO, please contact us.