Distribution of data and data bulletins to Member States

Page 2 - Distribution of data and data bulletins to States

The Member State, through the principal point of contact, then nominates users in three different classes: principal users, regular users and station operators. The number of users per category is regulated as is their level of access to data and data bulletins. No more than 18 principal users and a maximum of 10 regular users can be appointed per Member State.  The number of station operators depends on the number of International Monitoring System (IMS) stations in the respective country.

Member State-appointed users may receive monitoring data and data bulletins via an automatic data request manager, subscriptions, access to the IDC secure web site or access to the IDC databases.

A Member State’s access to monitoring data and analysis
reports is ensured through a secure signatory account.

National Data Centres

To facilitate the technical interaction between a Member State and the CTBTO, the establishment of a national data centre (NDC) is very advantageous.  Although the Treaty does not require that a Member State has an NDC, as this is a national issue, the CTBTO strongly encourages their formation and use. Currently, 100 States have established an NDC.

NDCs are usually institutions specializing in verification technologies, such as a national earthquake institution or a nuclear radiation monitoring agency. In some cases, several institutions jointly assume the functions of an NDC. The exact modalities of an NDC’s operation are defined by the Member State itself which may adjust the NDC, its functions and its levels of operations to suit the national needs.

The CTBTO encourages Member States to establish a national
data centre, which helps a State to receive all monitoring data
and analysis reports.

An NDC aids a Member State in assuming its role under the Treaty as it helps the Member State to obtain, examine and analyse all necessary information, i.e. monitoring data and analysis reports provided by the International Data Centre (IDC) of the CTBTO.

In States with IMS stations, the NDC can play a key role in facilitating the operation of these stations and the transmission of monitoring data to the IDC in Vienna. After the Treaty’s entry into force, an NDC can assume additional responsibilities in relation to other verification measures.