2013 DPRK Announced Nuclear Test


At 02.57.51 (UTC) on 12 February 2013, the CTBTO’s seismic network detected an unusual seismic event in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), which measured 4.9 in magnitude. Later that morning, the DPRK announced that it had conducted a nuclear test. CTBTO Executive Secretary Tibor Tóth strongly condemned DPRK’s action as “a clear threat to international peace and security.” The event was registered by 94 seismic stations and two infrasound stations in the CTBTO’s network. The data processing and analysis are designed to weed out natural events and focus on those events that might be explosions, including nuclear explosions.

Update 23 April: Two CTBTO radionuclide stations have detected radioactivity consistent with the 12 February DPRK event.




Video / Audio

Media Briefing on the announced nuclear test by North Korea with CTBTO's Tibor Tóth, Lassina Zerbo, Jerry Carter, Mika Nikkinen and Annika Thunborg. (Opens external link in current windowBriefing Highlights; Opens external link in current windowEntire Briefing)


Video statement by CTBTO Executive Secretary Tibor Tóth on North Korea's announced nuclear test

Background information

Location of DPRK event in 2013 (blue), 2009 (orange) and 2006 (red)


The 2009 DPRK nuclear test

The 2006 DPRK nuclear test

How the CTBTO monitors for nuclear tests